Wordpress Monthly Maintenance

Continuous Improvement

Wordpress has been a big hit with our clients. It’s ability to empower non-technical users to manage the content of their websites has proved invaluable.

However, as easy to use as WordPress is, it does require a little on going TLC to ensure optimum performance and security.

The developers of WordPress are continually updating and improving this wonderful platform and it’s plugins. While this is a good thing as it helps with security, speed, performance, functionality and usability, it’s a double edge sword as it means the platform and it’s plugins continually need updating.

Taking the Pressure Off

Although customers love the fact they can manage their website content, they have a lot less love when it comes to thinking about it’s maintenance, upgrades and backups.

So, this is where we come in. We’ve listened and are happy to let you know, we can take the pressure off.

For a small monthly fee, we can take ownership of the maintenance of your WordPress CMS, leaving you to just concentrate on producing killer content and free to work on your business.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance

When we take over the maintenance of your site, on a monthly basis we will :

Update any plugins that need updating

Carry out any re-configurations necessary as a result of updating plugins

Update your WordPress installation as necessary

Carry out any re-configurations necessary as a result of updating your WordPress installation

Perform a back up of your WordPress Installation
(both files and database)

Optimise your WordPress Database to help performance

Repair your WordPress Database as necessary

Submit an XML Site Map to Google’s Index, to help with SEO

What will it cost?

Choose from monthly or annual payment.

Monthly: £35   Annually: £385

What would you like to do next?

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