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Wednesday Weekly Marketing Tips #4

We’ve handpicked some of the most interesting/useful articles we found this past week to save you trawling the web for the good stuff. Grab a coffee and have a flick through for some mid-week inspiration. Plenty of golden nuggets in there. Hopefully one or two you can action to help your business



4 Facebook Mobile Ad Techniques That Work

Are you looking for ways to reach people on their mobile devices?
Are your Facebook mobile ads working?
Facebook has tools to help you create compelling ads that enhance your mobile marketing efforts.
In this article, you’ll discover four ways to improve results from your mobile Facebook ad campaigns.




How to Create Amazing Content Even If You Feel Like an Industry Imposter

The imposter syndrome makes us feel like we’re cheating. This feeling can, in turn, cause us to reduce the quality of our work even if we’re not consciously aware of it. I’ve seen the imposter syndrome turn would-be marketing rockstars into timid underachievers.

That’s where the imposter syndrome often hits the hardest. It keeps content marketers, specifically, from producing top-tier content.

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Here’s What You Do When Customers Start Abandoning Your Business

There are a number of reasons why customers may decide to abandon your product or service. But if you don’t find out why—and fast—you’ll never know how to keep new customers from sticking around in the future.

That’s why we asked eight successful entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council the following question:

Q. My customer retention rate is declining. What’s the first thing I should do?

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R Whites Lemonade unveils new “Victorian” look

Bloom has created a new identity and packaging for R Whites Lemonade designed to reflect its 171-year-old history and celebrate the introduction of new flavours.

R Whites – now owned by Britvic – has been making lemonade since 1845 and it is this story which Britvic wanted Bloom to tell.

Three new fruit flavoured varieties of lemonade have been introduced with the relaunch and are designed to appeal to adult drinkers according to Bloom, which says it has tapped into “adult consumer preferences towards authentic crafted products.”

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