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Wednesday Weekly Marketing Tips #18

Looking for some effective marketing inspiration? We’ve pulled together some great articles for you. Take a look, hopefully there will be one or two you can action to help accelerate your business. If you see anything that you’d like to discuss further, give us a shout on 02392 007 823 or We’d be happy to help.




brand consistency

5 Crucial Tips for Maintaining Brand Consistency

Ever stop and wonder what makes a brand like Coca-Cola one of the most recognized English words in the world?

Think I’m just blowing smoke? I’m not.

Coca-Cola, along with their original and still most popular product “Coke” are equally considered the second most popular words on the planet, next to the word okay or “OK” as it’s often spelled.

Coca-Cola achieved this top brand status with years of clever marketing, through a variety of media channels.

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record-breaking traffic

7 Quick Ways to Create New Content Ideas and Drive Record-Breaking Organic Traffic

How do you arrive at new content ideas for your blog or website? There’s a finite amount of time, but unlimited subject matter. In your vertical alone, you compete with thousands of other bloggers, who, like you, are creating new content ideas every day. They’re probably writing one right now.

Knowing you have to publish to compete, you settle on your topic, do your research and plan out your structure. It’s all coming together nicely. You’ve got a striking headline, killer intro, some alluring calls to action, maybe even some gentle wordplay. You’ve cracked it. Nothing can stand in your way. You hit publish and then… nothing. No traffic, no organic rankings, and one Facebook like from the office intern. It’s frustrating, right?

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Knowing Your Target Market – A Guide For Keyword Usage

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Email Marketing 101: 6 Ways it can Boost Your Business

Out of all the marketing predictions for this year, there’s one we’re excited about most: Email marketing is going to be bigger and more important than ever to the growth of your business. But taking on email marketing for the first time is easier said than done.

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