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Wednesday Weekly Marketing Tips #15

Looking for some effective content marketing strategies? We’ve pulled together some great articles for you. Take a look, hopefully there will be one or two you can action to help accelerate your business. If you see anything that you’d like to discuss further, give us a shout on 02392 007 823 or We’d be happy to help.




How To Use Competitive Analysis To Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy


There’s no denying the fact that B2B marketing can be extremely cut-throat and tricky, especially for small business. Holding your ground against the big players in the corporate world with their huge market share and marketing budgets can be nerve-wracking.

This is why it is paramount for you to know exactly what your competitors are up to, and plan your winning strategy accordingly. You never know, you may just be able to beat them at their own that way!



Need Engaging, Authentic Content? Unleash the Power of Conversations


Where should content marketing leaders go to refuel and refresh their content marketing program?

Having conducted hundreds of customer interviews over the years on behalf of my clients, I find the raw, unfiltered perspectives of customers provide powerful, new insights. I’m not talking about gathering quotes for a customer testimonial; I’m suggesting creating a steady stream of conversations that can inspire your content marketing program.

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A Quick Look at Content Marketing in the B2C Niche – Why it’s Easier Than You Think


There’s a good chance that you’ve recently read some content, related to content marketing.

However, there’s also a good chance that the content marketing article that you read – related to the B2B sector.

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How to Optimize Your Content Strategy with the Buyer’s Journey


In order to do make the most out of content marketing, marketers need a well-defined buyer’s journey. A buyer’s journey can help content marketers understand the buyer’s needs as this target demographic becomes more familiar with their company, and more prepared to buy from them.

In this article, I will show you what a buyer’s journey is and how you can use it together with your content strategy to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

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