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People’s behaviour online has evolved as the internet becomes more and more embedded in every aspect of our lives.

Is Your Website Worth Your Customers Time?

Your customers and clients are connected online most of the time in some form or another. They are used to engaging with brands online. This has lead to a fine-tuning of their credibility radar. They understand better than ever what is good, beneficial to them and credible (or not as the case often is). Even more importantly, they know very quickly what is worthy of their time, interest and attention.

So, your website today must do much more than just look good. A good looking website is simply the baseline for today’s web user.

Your Customers Are Smart

Today’s web user, your customers, are savvier than ever. They will be asking themselves

is this site credible?

Is it trustworthy?

Is this a professional company?

These judgments will be made in nanoseconds and once established will be long lasting.

The Core of Your Online Marketing Activity

Your website is the core of your online marketing activities. It must cater for the needs of your target audience and deliver content, information and messaging in a way that that speaks directly to them, so they understand they are in the right place and know what they are viewing will solve their problem. This all has to happen without making them think about it.

Goal Focused Websites

At Divine Aesthetic, we know how important it is to understand your audience when developing a new website. We also know how important is it to have clearly identified goals for the website and understand your reasons for wanting to invest in a web project. Understanding this is key to a successful project so that it aligns and supports wider business objectives as well as drive a return on your investment.

How We Do Things

Not all web agencies are the same. Here is a quick overview of how we approach things and our 7 step process.

What Our Clients Say

  • I was thrilled when Divine Aesthetic got on board to design our new website. From the first meeting they came across as knowledgeable and dynamic. Mark and Amber understood that it is important to not only have an aesthetically pleasing website but one that really worked for both us and our customers. Their approach to website design is refreshing and very modern, truly understanding the most efficient way to convert website visitors to Making Space customers which of course is an important thing for any arts organisation. Divine Aesthetic were very competitive with their prices and when you take into consideration all the things they included within their quote, maintenance support and extra plug-ins etc they were brilliant value for money. When it came to actually designing the site itself they took on a mammoth task as the Making Space website is huge!! A detailed site map was agreed early on in the process and they kept in regular contact throughout with content being uploaded as and when we sent it on. There was great communication between the two organisations and we were able to work closely and easily throughout. The website itself is a work of art and we; staff, customers and board members alike are all thrilled with the final result. It is clean, professional, easy to navigate and most importantly is a true reflection of where we see our organisation now. I am 100% confident that the new website with be a huge marketing help to us, and already we have seen an increase of online customer engagement which is fantastic. I cannot recommend or thank Divine Aesthetic enough for their professional approach and hard work. From the first meeting the the behind the scenes hand-over training they have been a pleasure to work with.

    Ami Lowman, Marketing and Education Programmer Making Space

We Can Help Your Business

This is how we approach things. So if you have a web project you need help with and this strikes a cord with you, then we would love to hear from you and find out more about it. Perhaps we can help your business?

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