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Google Brand Ad Campaign

Get Enquiries from people searching for your competitors

Google Brand Ad Campaign Service

This service is tailored to strategically position your brand in the spotlight when potential customers are actively searching for your competitors online. By leveraging the power of Google Ads and targeting up to 5 of your main competitors’ brand names, we’ll ensure that your business captures valuable attention and diverts high-intent traffic to your offerings.

How it Works

Competitor Selection:

You'll provide the names of up to 5 key competitors whose brand presence you'd like to challenge. With this information, we'll craft ads that effectively highlight your unique selling points and advantages over these competitors.

Keyword Targeting:

Utilising a carefully curated list of competitor brand names and related keywords, we ensure that your ads appear at the crucial moment when potential customers are seeking products or services similar to yours.

Ad Creation & Optimisation:

Leveraging expertise in copywriting and ad design, we'll create compelling ads that speak directly to the needs and interests of your audience. We'll optimise these ads based on performance data to maximise click-through rates over time.

Budget Management:

We oversee your ad spend ensuring cost-effective distribution of your budget to achieve optimal results. Our approach involves smart bidding strategies and ongoing budget adjustments based on campaign performance.

Performance Tracking & Reporting:

With real-time monitoring, you'll have complete transparency over the performance of your Google Brand Ads. We provide insights into metrics such as impressions and clicks, allowing for informed decision-making.

Compliance & Best Practices:

We ensure that all campaigns adhere to Google's advertising policies and best practices, maintaining the integrity of your brand while engaging in competitive advertising.


Increased Visibility

Targeted Reach


Competitive Edge

With our Google Brand Ads Service, you have the opportunity to intercept potential customers during their search journey, offering them a compelling alternative to your competitors. Let’s work together to turn competitor brand searches into new into opportunities for growth.

Google Brand Ad Campaign Package

£ 299per month
  • £299 one time set up fee
  • No contract. Cancel anytime after first month.
  • Ad spend not included. You pay this directly to Google. Min Recommended £5/day
  • We'll send Google Brand Ad traffic to the most relevant page on you website for the ad, unless the Dedicated Landing Page Creation add-on is taken

Optional Service Enhancements

Dedicated Landing Page Creation

Landing Page Alignment: To ensure a cohesive user experience and increased conversions, we align the messaging of your ads with dedicated landing pages that reinforce the benefits of choosing your brand over others. Consistent messaging is crucial for converting prospects into customers once they click through. (Price per page + Copywriting Included, up to 500 words)


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