Ultimate Guide to App Marketing with Google AdWords

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We’ve a lot of clients asking us whether to use Google AdWords or AdMob for promoting their mobile apps. Questions like which can help me get more downloads? Which one will yield a better ROI? Which will be good for a long-term strategy? Have become a common routine for our team, so finally, we decided to pen down a blog about it. So, our answer to the basic question “which one to actually use for your mobile app advertisement?” is Google AdWords. You must be wondering why use Google AdWords for mobile App Advertisement? What features does it provide? Both the platforms belong to Google and have their own pros & cons. Both allow you to run mobile install campaigns. The main thing that differentiates them is AdMob’s primary focus is monetization, you can consider it sort of Google AdSense for apps. Another thing is features and functionalities, AdMob campaigns are much more limited compared to AdWords and in most of the cases tend to yield a lower ROI.   Google AdWords for marketing your app: Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools for ad management. It provides different campaign structures to suit your mobile app’s marketing goals. There are mainly 3 campaign types for app marketing: Universal App Campaign Mobile App Installs Mobile App Engagements   Let’s dig deeper into them: Universal App Campaign:   Unlike most AdWords campaigns, you don’t need to design individual ads for universal app campaigns. All you need to do is provide some text, a starting bid and budget, specify the languages and locations where you want to display your ads. Google AdWords generates ads on the fly and auto manages the ad placements to most relevant ad inventory and placements available. This is not all, Google also utilizes data from your Google Play account to create and optimize ads for better performance. Even the ads rotations and bids are managed automatically to maximize downloads. Ads are displayed on all supported Google networks like Google play, Google search, and Google search partners etc. You can also provide YouTube link of your app video for video promotion. If you don’t have a video for your app, don’t worry this is an optional part but believe me it has a great advantage. While creating this campaign you are required to enter the total budget and target CPA (Cost per Installation). Why Universal App Campaign? You can select this campaign to simplify your campaign management. Instead of creating different campaigns for different networks, you can create a single universal app campaign for your app to get displayed across all the available networks. What will be the bidding strategy? You can consider you Target CPA as your bidding strategy. Where your ads will be shown? Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and Display network publisher websites and mobile apps. What will be the add formats? You just need to provide text to generate ads and Google will create ads for you to drive the users to your app

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