Ninja Shit — Playing To The Biases Of Facebook’s Algorithm

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Sometimes people say things like: “Sam only shares simple, common sense advice, he never teaches anything advanced”.Today, mostly for fun, I want to share something advanced. (really advanced…).Most of the time I share simple strategies anybody can use to make dramatic improvements to their life and business. I do this because 90% of the time, it’s the simple things people are missing, and no advanced strategy is going to save them from a fundamental (but simple) mistake. Common sense is NOT common practice!But today, fuck it. Let’s go down the rabbit hole and twist some peoples minds.Today’s video is “Ninja Shit — Playing To The Biases Of Facebook’s Algorithm”.In this module we take things to the absolute extreme… True ninja shit! If you want to truly dominate Facebook ads you need an edge over the competition. Competitive edge is everything! You’re constantly fighting other advertisers to get your ads in-front of your audience and if you don’t know how to fight, you’ll never get in the ring, yet alone knock the other guy out… To get an edge, you must understand the nature of the Facebook machine. You need to know how it “thinks”.Just like a human, Facebook’s algorithm has biases, heuristics and tendencies that rule its behavior and decisions. Once you know its biases, you can play to them and form the ultimate symbiotic human-machine. The result? Total domination of your entire market on a global scale. (this will blow your mind).Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below?Here’s what we cover: 1. Inside the mind of the Facebook machine2. Playing with the “extremes”3. Engagement bias4. Lexical sentiment bias5. Graphical sentiment bias6. Financial bias7. Consistency momentum bias8. Next level tracking 9. Inside man advantageResources mentioned in this video:Trojan horse Facebook ad examples — Download PDF here.Lexical happy & sad words — Download PDF here.Graphical happy & sad objects — Download PDF here.Top performing Fb ad images — Download PDF here.Did you like this training? Want to get more…?This video is a “module” from my Uplevel Consulting training program. Uplevel Consulting is an 8-week program that shows you how to take your business to the next level using leveraged business models, machine based operations, marketing automation and Nasa grade Facebook ads. If you’re tired of manual processes and relying on unreliable humans to run your business — Uplevel Consulting will show you how to transition from “Atoms” to “Bits”. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free strategy session here (or) email and say you’re interested in Uplevel.To Your Success!Sam Ovens & the team at

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