In this video, I’ll show you how you can make WooCommerce faster by removing unused CSS and JavaScript files from pages where you’re not using Woo functionality. Due to the way WooCommerce is built, it is loading its assets on every single piece of content on your website. That obviously is not ideal when ……Continue Reading “Making WooCommerce Faster By Removing Unused CSS/JS Files – WP Mastery”

When you have a WooCommerce-powered shop in your WordPress site, assets like the following may be loading on all the pages of the site (depending on what plugins/services/theme are/is active): woocommerce-layout.css woocommerce-smallscreen.css woocommerce.css twenty-seventeen.css add-to-cart.min.js jquery.blockUI.min.js js.cookie.min.js woocommerce.min.js cart-fragments.min.js If you do not have a “Add to Cart” feature in… Source: How to load WooCommerce…Continue Reading “How to load WooCommerce CSS and JS only on shop-specific pages in WordPress – Sridhar Katakam”

Why Embedded Videos Slow Your Site Down And How To Fix This | WP Speed Guru

When you embed a YouTube or any other video, your visitor’s browser will need to make a number of extra requests to render your page. With YouTube, the number of requests is 4, 3 for three different resolutions and 1 for the still image used as a video cover. It gets even worse when you…Continue Reading “Why Embedded Videos Slow Your Site Down And How To Fix This | WP Speed Guru”