Sometimes people say things like: “Sam only shares simple, common sense advice, he never teaches anything advanced”.Today, mostly for fun, I want to share something advanced. (really advanced…).Most of the time I share simple strategies anybody can use to make dramatic improvements to their life and business. I do this because 90% of the time,…Continue Reading “Ninja Shit — Playing To The Biases Of Facebook’s Algorithm”

What Is Facebook’s View Tags Field? | AdvertiseMint

September 12, 2017 A time may come when Facebook advertising no longer seems lucrative. You watch, in utter disappointment and exasperation, hands crossed over your chest, eyebrows furrowed, as your ads remain untouched by coveted clicks. You call the advertising agency you hired to drop the bad news: you no longer want to advertise on…Continue Reading “What Is Facebook’s View Tags Field? | AdvertiseMint”