A Guide to Grow Your Blog (or Any Blog) 10X

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A few months ago I saw this goofy looking kid getting his articles ranked high on two of my favorite marketing sites Inbound.org and Growthhackers. His name was Nate Desmond and what he was writing about was extremely impressive. Funny enough on his site was a link to hire him, I did part-time. Since then he’s been impressively helping the AppSumo team with our latest product, SumoMe.com. He showed me a few weeks ago how he can simply scrape any website to get insanely actionable data. I forced him to teach it to you below, enjoy! Note: This is a guest post by Nate Desmond. Be sure to read to the end for a sweet bonus! ——————————————————————————————————————- Ever notice how some of your blog posts garner massive attention while others flop like a failed startup? The funny thing is, if you just make a few small changes, you can dramatically increase social sharing for your posts. With a few minor changes

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