How to Make Your Homepage Actually Convert

  Your homepage is one of your best tools for driving conversions. When someone searches for a niche keyword and your page shows up, you can rightfully expect conversions. But unfortunately, that’s not usually how it works: According to AdRoll, 98% of your first-time site visitors won’t convert on your homepage. All that organic traffic…Continue Reading “How to Make Your Homepage Actually Convert”

Are you looking to create great scripts which scroll automatically on your screen? Teleprompter software allows you to easily adjust the font size, color, scroll rate, and even mirror flip your text. If you’re looking to get started quickly and for free, we’ve written teleprompter software which works in your web browser:

The Problem WordPress 5.0 includes a javascript library called wp.hooks. FacetWP has been using a similar library of the same name (wp.hooks) for several years. Unfortunately, the two versions aren’t compatible. The Solution We’ve renamed our library to FWP.hooks and have released updates to FacetWP (version 3.2.11) and all affected add-ons: