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IBTC Portsmouth

The Client

IBTC Portsmouth. A registered charity. IBTC stands for International Boat Training College. They reside in the newly restored Boat House 4 at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard and provide hands on education and training for tradition skills in wooden boatbuilding.

The Services

  • Wordpress Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing Stratergy

The Problem

IBTC Portsmouth approached us to help them with their digital marketing initially. They had a WordPress website, but it wasn’t giving them the results they were looking for and it didn’t represent the the incredible heritage, breath of skills or quality services they are offer. After an initial discovery session it was clear the website itself needed addressing. We discovered there were 4 specific target audiences that would be using the site and each audience would need something different from the site and it’s content. There was a great deal of content on the existing site, but it wasn’t very considered, ordered or easily accessible. The site was getting traffic, but but users were not engaging with the content or taking action (ie. getting in touch).

The Solution

We worked with IBTC Portsmouth to understand what they wanted to achieve with the project and drilled down to the core of the target audiences for the site. We mapped out how we could present the necessary relevant content to each of those target audiences without them having to think and worked closely with the client to to develop the content necessary. Because they opted for digital marketing support alongside the core web development, we we able to work closely with . what ultimately the IBTC wanted the site to achieve with the engaged target audiences. There


While the new site was in development we also explored what could be done with the traffic to the existing site as well other marketing activities

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