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Free Art Friday – 10 Prints Released!

Earlier in the week we blogged about Free Art Friday, a concept that involves creatives producing pieces of artwork, to be left on the street for members of the public to discover, take home and enjoy.

At Divine Aesthetic we thought Free Art Friday would be a great event to get involved in, so we decided to package and put out 10 of our Pompey Periodic Tables, to be found around Southsea!


This morning we went on a mission to hide the 10 prints. We left them in a variety of places, including The Kings Theatre, Spice Island and The Arches in Old Portsmouth.

We’ve already heard from 3 lucky people who managed to find to some. We also witnessed from a distance one couple out walking their dog who did a double take before picking up an A2 print to give it new home.

Did you pick up one of the Pompey Periodic Tables? If you did, we would love to hear about where you found it, and see a picture of you with your new print!

If you didn’t manage to find one of the prints, but would like one, then don’t worry, as they are available to purchase from the the wonderful Pompey Artwork website.



Pompey Periodic Table, Free Art Friday, Kings Theatre







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