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Build Effective Company Branding.

Brand? Branding? Brand Identity? What are they? Are they the same? How do you even ‘do’ brand or branding??! Confusing, isn’t it? So that’s why we pulled together these articles this week, to help untangle what they are and how to do them properly to improve your business and results. Hope you find them useful.

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The Ultimate Guide to Branding in 2019

“Coca-Cola is more than a soda. Starbucks is more than a coffee. Ray-Ban is more than a pair of sunglasses. Glossier is more than a tube of concealer.

Interacting with these products provide experiences, and we buy them with that experience in mind. Better yet, the companies that create and market them know exactly the experience they want you to have when you make (or consider) a purchase. That’s why they create a brand.

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The Essential Guide to Branding Your Company

“Can you have a business without a brand? You can. The pizza joint down the road is likely a business, not a brand. Your dry cleaner – same story. The local veterinarian? Not exactly challenging Apple on the slick advertising front. All of these examples show that you can operate a successful business without having a real ‘brand’. But, if your business isn’t driven by necessity or pure convenience, chances are you do need a strong, recognizable brand.

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How to Develop a Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity in 2019

“The terms “brand” and logo” are often used interchangeably. But though a logo can be the symbol of a business, it is not the entirety of a brand. In fact, creating a logo is just one small step toward developing a strong brand identity.

With millions, if not billions, of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand has become crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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“Taking on a branding project for a small business can be a valuable opportunity for agencies and freelancers to develop experimental creative work without the intense pressures and restrictions associated with larger accounts.

While big businesses often have multiple decision makers with very specific ideas and guidelines to keep their existing brands consistent, smaller companies are usually more open to exploring new creative directions, and can move faster to implement them.

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