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Brand Strategy Development

Craft Your Competitive Edge with Divine Aesthetic's Brand Strategy Services

Unleash the full potential of your brand with a strategy that aligns your vision with your customer's expectations. Choose our 'Complete Brand Strategy' package for an all-encompassing transformation, or select the 'Core Brand Strategy' for essential brand refinement. Elevate your market presence, enhance customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth. Take the first step towards a more resonant and profitable brand today.

'Brand' is not just about a logo. It's much deeper than that

It’s the ethos and tone of your company and its employees. It’s the values you hold dear which guide the way you do business. It’s understanding what is important and meaningful to your best clients so that you can position yourself as the company best placed to help them solve their problem in a way they ‘get’ by a team who are ‘their sort of people’.‘Brand’ happens whether you ‘do it’ or not. This is why it’s so important to acknowledge it, and consciously take the reins of it. If not, it will be left to chance what your clients and the market to decide your ‘brand’, and the lack of clarity and/or consistency might just mean you’re unwittingly alienating the very type of client you’re trying to attract more of.

Brand Strategy

Key Factor: Who's the Audience?

One of the most important aspects of effective branding is effective positioning and if you want your audience to choose your company over your competitors; being crystal clear on why they should choose you is the key.

Identifying and understand your audience is essential, and drilling down into who they are, how they feel and what they want is a key factor in how we position your brand apart from your competitors.

The more we understand about who they are, their desires, characteristics and behavioural traits, the more we can refine the personality and tone of voice of the brand to connect with them on a human level.

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Brand Strategy

Key Factor: Messaging

Another key factor is in relation to messaging.

Now, this is one of the key reasons that businesses struggle to make that connection with their prospects. They might be clear about what they do, but that doesn’t mean they communicate it well. That’s usually where the confusion is for prospects and if they’re confused they don’t become clients.

A key part of effective messaging is knowing not just what to say but how to say it and having a framework in place for that communication.

Effective messaging isn’t just telling people what you do. Most of the time they’ll know that anyway. It’s about making sure they understand the value of what you do for them and how that’s different to the other options they have.

So when we become crystal clear on why your prospects should choose you over your competitors, that’s when we can develop effective messaging for your website, socials, brochures, phone calls, pitches, advertising – Or any other future marketing. When your prospects can see that value, then they’ll have a reason to choose you.

How We Can Help

Our Brand Strategy Services

If you'd like some support around brand development, I'd be happy to help.There are 2 options:

Option 1

The 'Complete Brand Strategy' package

This is the big one. It goes end to end, from developing the Brand strategy, right the way through to developing story frameworks and developing brand assets. You’ll also receive a beautifully designed, physical hardback guide documenting the entire strategy once it’s complete.

Here’s the overview diagram:

The 'Complete Brand Strategy' package overview diagram

This process covers:

Brand Substance

  • Belief (Guide)
  • The Future Brand (Guide)
  • Commitments (Guide)
  • Philosophy (Guide)

Positioning Strategy

  • Target Market (Guide)
  • Competitor Audit (Guide)
  • Differentiation Strategy (Guide)

Brand Persona

  • Archetype Personality
  • Framework (Guide)
  • Brand Voice (Guide)
  • Language + Vocabulary (Guide)

Communications Framework

  • Core Message Framework & (Guide)
  • Story Framework (Guide)
  • Tagline & Hooks (Guide)

Brand Identity System

  • Development of Primary & Alternate Logo’s (Artwork)
  • Image Style & Library (Artwork)
  • Supporting Graphics (Artwork)
  • Brand Style (Guide)

Brand Presence

  • Website Copy (5 pages)
  • Social Page Branding (Artwork)
  • Business Cards (Artwork + Print)
  • Office Branding (Posters + Artwork + Print)

(Deliverables in brackets)

The 'Complete Brand Strategy' package

Contact us today to learn more about our brand strategy services + how we can help you grow your business.

Option 2

CORE Brand Discovery Process

In the digital realm, your website is the cornerstone of your brand’s online presence. Recognising this, Divine Aesthetic has crafted the CORE Brand Discovery Process, an essential preliminary step that ensures your website truly embodies the spirit of your organisation. This in-depth exploration is pivotal to aligning your brand’s core values with the functionality and design of your website. By engaging in our tailored workshops, your organisation will gain a refined brand voice and clear user personas, which are crucial for developing a website that not only looks exceptional but also resonates deeply with your audience and drives meaningful engagement. The insights garnered from this process will inform every aspect of the web development journey, guaranteeing a final product that is not just visually stunning but also strategically aligned with your mission and goals.

Introducing the CORE Brand Discovery Process for Web Excellence.

The ‘Core Brand Discovery‘ process; A streamlined brand strategy framework that focuses on the core brand essentials, to get aligned for an effective website delivery. Delivered over 2 half-day workshops.

The Core Brand Strategy is a process that will help you define or re-align your brand voice, build user personas, prioritise goals (marketing, revenue, and efficiency), and identify customer journeys, so we have a solid foundation upon which to create a website that not only resonates with your audience but also drives your organisational objectives forward effectively.

We’ll simplify a complex process and break a brand into 6 primary attributes: Culture, Clients, Voice, Benefit, Value and ‘X-Factor‘. We’ll work through these elements together and elicit answers that are meaningful to your organisation.

The CORE Brand Discovery Process Covers:

Brand Attributes

You'll be taken through a process that breaks down the creation of a “brand positioning statement” into a series of chunks, allowing us as a group to create it together. This will help identify the tone and personality of your organisation and highlight your point of differentiation in the market place.

User Profiles

I'll guide your organisation's stakeholders through the process of defining who your ideal clients are and what their needs are. Knowing this, you can align your marketing messaging, allowing you to speak more directly to your ideal target audience, and create website (or any other marketing) content resonate with them.

Prioritised Goals

In this process, we'll identify what in the business makes money, how it markets itself and what systems currently support them. This valuable insight will be prioritised on a points basis, to help identify where to focus to add the most value, when it comes to creating website structure, messaging and planning future marketing activity.


The goal of this exercise is to further narrow the CORE Brand Attributes, to further clarify our Positioning.

Customer Journey

The goal of the Customer Journey exercise is to define the journey that the customer goes through to engage and 'purchase' the product or service, how to make it smooth across all channels, and understand where the website can be utilised to support this.

The CORE Brand Discovery process is crucial for ensuring your website authentically reflects the essence of your company, whether you’re defining it for the first time or refining an established identity. It provides a strategic check-in to align your online presence with evolving business goals and audience expectations, maintaining relevance and consistency across all digital touchpoints. This process not only solidifies internal understanding but also optimises external communication, guaranteeing that your website effectively conveys the unique value you offer to both new and existing audiences.

The 'Core Brand Discovery' Process

A streamlined brand strategy framework that focuses on the core brand essentials, to get aligned for an effective website delivery. Delivered over 2 half-day workshops.

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