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All About Social Media Platforms

Looking for some effective marketing inspiration? We’ve pulled together some great articles for you. Take a look, hopefully there will be one or two you can action to help accelerate your business. If you see anything that you’d like to discuss further, give us a shout on 02392 007 823 or We’d be happy to help.




Good Life Networks – Top 10 Tech Trends in Digital Marketing in 2019 

“Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots rank among the top 10 trends in digital marketing this year, said an industry expert, noting that the trends will help one be ready for challenges awaiting one’s business in 2019.”

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Bye, Twitter. All the cool kids are migrating to Mastodon

“Started by 24-year-old Eugen Rochko, Mastodon allows users to create accounts, follow others, and post status updates called “toots.” In many ways it’s like Twitter, but it is also so not like Twitter.

Importantly, Mastodon is not a third-party Twitter client, but its own service entirely. What makes it stand out? It has better privacy controls than Twitter. Also, neo-Nazis are explicitly banned.”

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3 Ways to Boost Sales with Social Proof Marketing

“If there’s any way for marketers to convince customers to buy, social proof is the way to go. This is a social and psychological phenomenon where people recommend the products and services they’ve tried and, as a result, users who see this get interested in that product too.

According to Think With Google, 40 percent of millennials say their favorite creator understands them better than their friends. Consumers have adapted to trusting what others say while seeing other people buying and loving products because it gives them the reason to trust what they’re purchasing.”

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“Last year, a quarter of the cash that Unilever’s Dove brand spent on influencer marketing went to fake followers — compared to 14% for the typical advertiser — despite the fact that Keith Weed, Unilever’s chief marketing officer, said the company would no longer partner with influencers who purchased followers or used bots last year.

For brands that count on social influencers to reach consumers, fake followers have been a costly problem.”

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