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  • Identify your most profitable client and focus your website to attract more of them.
  • Identify the purpose of each page on your site and clearly ask your visitors what action you’d like them to take next.
  • Check if you are visible to Google and how to fix if you are not.
  • Create content your visitors will want to share (plus give you a framework to follow so your never have to start from scratch again).
  • Identify how your visitors are using your site so you can improve it for better results.


This is a 5 part course. Each day we’ll send you the next lesson directly to your inbox. Each lesson will have a task for you to complete that day.

To help you achieve each day’s task we’ll provide a step by step worksheet for you to follow. We really hope these proven strategies help your business.

You’ll find your first lesson in your email within the next 20mins. So what are you waiting for? Get started and get the needle moving in your business in the next 7 days.

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Have you heard about our Social Media Dashboard?

It’s so simple to use. The beautifully designed dashboard makes very light work of what can sometimes become a daunting and overwhelming task. For success online in 2017 you need to be using social media in your business. It will build your profile and help you perform better in the search engines. It’s no longer a nice-to-have, so we hope our powerful tool will help you get a head start with your social media efforts for 2017.

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Powerful Tools

• Social media on autopilot – schedule posts to go out at the best times for you.

• No need to open Photoshop – built in Visual Composer.

• Simple, powerful statistics – find out the best time for posting, which hashtags are most successful and much more.

• Limitless supply of relevant content – intelligent content research tool, allowing you to see all the most relevant content in one place.

• Best of all, it’s free forever!

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