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100 Person Project

Are you are a Social Enterprise, Non-Profit or business with social impact?

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If so, I’d like to find out about your biggest website and digital marketing challenges and offer to help you address them, for free.

I’m doing this by offering 100 15-minute phone calls, on which we will discuss your biggest challenge and I will try to offer a solution for you.

Now, this is very important. These sessions ARE NOT just a teaser for a paid service; I really want to know what people’s problems are and help them find a way past them, for free. No strings.

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“So why are you doing this, then??”

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Divine Aesthetic is 10 years old this year. Reflecting on the last 10 years has made me realise I’d like to make a bigger positive impact with what we do. So I’d like to focus on helping businesses who create positive change in the world, potentially starting a new company to solely serve this audience. But in order to do this, I need to understand the challenges faced. What better way to get this than by paying it forward and helping with the challenges they currently face? They will get the benefit of 10 years solving web and digital marketing problems for our clients, and I’ll get insight into the real problems faced by this audience, which will help us inform the development of meaningful solutions to help this audience in future. So there’s something in it for both of us.

Again, this is not a sales call. I do not want to sell you anything. I want to understand your challenges and offer some solutions to help you past them. Of course, if you do keep an eye on how this project develops, like what we are doing and you think it might help you in future, then, of course, we can talk further. But that is not the purpose of the call.


“How do I book a call?”

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If you are a Social Enterprise, Non-Profit or a business with social impact, I’d love to talk you and help you overcome your biggest digital marketing challenge.


You can book your call here : Click here


There are 100 calls available and I’ll be doing around 3 per day for the next month or so.


If you’re not a Social Enterprise, Non-Profit or a business with social impact, but like the idea and know of people in your network who would benefit from this project, please could I ask you to share with them? Just click the links below:


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Thanks for reading. I’m REALLY looking forward to talking to you, helping you with your website and digital marketing challenges and getting an insight into your world.

Good luck with it all. Speak soon.


Founder, Divine Aesthetic Design & Marketing Ltd.


PS. Here’s the link again to book your call – Click Here.

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